We fix hail dented vehicles...

...that is what we do, all day all the time and because this is our specialty we are really great at it! 


We are a hail storm catastrophe response company. Our team of techs are ready to fix your vehicle anytime, anywhere in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe or the USA (through our US affiliate, Hail Repair). We fix all kinds of vehicles. When a hail storm hits, we’ll be there for you. We work with your local collision & auto body shops, dealers and insurance companies to provide timely estimates and to repair damaged vehicles quickly and professionally.


We are a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) company. We fix hail damaged vehicles all across the country… wherever hail hits you can find us. 

Our techs are the most experienced and highly trained technicians in the industry so that we can ensure the work we do on your vehicle meets not only your standards, but ours as well. 


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a process that removes dents from vehicles without disturbing the finish on the vehicle. 

It is cost effective, so it saves you money; environmentally friendly so it is better for the environment; fast and will usually last better than the traditional repair process so you can have years of enjoyment in your vehicle. 




Telephone: 1-888-690-4455 

(toll free in North America)






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